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The hermes store component ( is a collection of model libraries. They are supposed to enable easy starting with model reuse and offer functionality all the way to sophisticated model libraries.


Model libraries should be accessable via local directory look up. This should be an easy start. More sophisticated model libraries should enable shared model libraries in form of ftp servers or version controll systesm. The most sophisticated model libraries should be fully fledged servers organizing models in graph databases which should play a role of enhanced knowledge graphs. To that end, they should interling models -or, in other words- relate them. This could happen on syntactical, semantical, or general purpose level.


The requirements led to several realizations that should enable the following three contepts:

  • Directory or (S)FTP Stored and Indexed Models
  • Version Control (cvs, git) Stored and Indexed Models
  • Enhanced Knoledge Graph Organized Models


The prototype realizes the concept induced requirements and offers:

  • Directory / (S)FTP
  • Remote Version Controll Systems
  • Local Graph Database (
  • Remote Graph Database (

Domain Model

The domain model developed for the enhanced knowledge graph holds libraryelements which can be models. They make an enhanced knowledge graph becase they can be relatated by connectors, grouped and even categorized.

HERMES Store Concept

  • Harvest Demo

    This video shows the basic functionality how models can be stored into a model library. The process takes "known" parts into account and links them to the newly stored.

  • Evolution Demo

    This video shows how the evolution approach assesses model quality and offers a staged approach that guides model quality.

  • Reuse Demo

    This video shows how models can be "applied", i.e., reused. They are loaded from a model library and inserted into the open editor. Several libraries and several editors are supported.