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  • A. Ganser (2016): Operation-Based Model Recommenders for MDD. PhD Thesis, RWTH Aachen University (to appear)
  • A. Dyck, A. Ganser, H. Lichter (2016): Knowledge-Based Model Recommenders by Meta and Property Graphs. (to appear)
  • A. Ganser, H. Lichter (2016): Processes and Practices for Quality Scientific Software Projects Revised. (to appear)




  • Harvest Demo

    This video shows the basic functionality how models can be stored into a model library. The process takes "known" parts into account and links them to the newly stored.

  • Evolution Demo

    This video shows how the evolution approach assesses model quality and offers a staged approach that guides model quality.

  • Reuse Demo

    This video shows how models can be "applied", i.e., reused. They are loaded from a model library and inserted into the open editor. Several libraries and several editors are supported.